Soon the ground will be covered with blooming Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus, Hyacinth and much much more. There is much to be done in the yard at this time of the year. As you have probably noticed, the moss has seemed to take over your lawn. What can be done?
There are preventions and treatments.
1. Ferrous sulfate(iron) can be spread in your lawn to kill moss. The moss will turn brown and can be raked out. Nice thing about this is the iron is used by the grass to activate growth.
2. Dethatching will remove moss from lawn. This is a great way to stimulate grass growth as you are getting rid of moss. This can be done with a dethatcher machine or rake.
3. How is your drainage? Moss loves water. Perhaps your lawn seems to be more of a pond rather than a lawn. Improving the drainage is great way to discourage moss growth.
4. Check the pH level. Moss grows very well in acidic conditions. Adding lime in a granular form will raise the pH level, thus making it harder for moss to grow. Lime does not kill moss as some may think. It only changes the pH.

What else can be done for YOUR yard?

  • Adding fresh mulch to your beds could spruce them up.
  • Aerating and over seeding your lawn allows nutrients to reach the roots and keep it looking healthy.
  • Maybe you have noticed drainage problems during this rainy season. They can be addressed now.
  • The design that you came up with over the winter can now be started.

At Natureworks we are prepared to help YOU with YOUR Spring landscaping needs.