Irrigation System Installation & Maintenance

Expert Irrigation System Installation and Repair

Natureworks Offers Irrigation System Installation, Repair, and Maintenance



We have extensive experience with irrigation system installation. We know that different plants require different quantities of water for optimum growth. Natureworks can install a new irrigation system in an existing landscape, making sure that all of the landscape is covered by the most efficient watering techniques. We can also design and install a new irrigation system when we install your new landscape, providing watering zones that group together plants with similar water needs. In this way, your new landscape is certain to thrive.


Natureworks provides seasonal maintenance and adjustment of irrigation systems. Plant water needs are reduced as we enter fall and winter, as they are directly based on day length. As the days grow shorter and temperatures lower, plants need less water. Once the spring rains decline and day length starts to increase, so will the plant’s water needs. It is advisable to monitor irrigation systems on a seasonal basis to ensure the output is correct and in good working order.


Older irrigation systems that are still functioning do require repairs and maintenance to keep them working. Valves or PVC joints can leak or break from digging in the area. Spray head filters need cleaning. Drip tubing can be susceptible to animals chewing on them, or joints can pop out and develop leaks. 

Natureworks has the expertise to take care of your irrigation system. We will assess your system, troubleshooting problems and making suggestions for more efficient watering systems and water conservation. Water is expensive and we want to make sure that you get the most out of your irrigation system.

We will simplify the process for you, and can support all the irrigation needs of your landscape including installation, repair, and maintenance of your irrigation system. A well-designed automatic watering system will not only save you time, it will also save you money and reduce your water usage. Natureworks offers both irrigation installation services for automatic systems and maintenance and repair for these systems.

Types of Irrigation Services We Offer:

  • Install and maintain new systems
  • Diagnose and repair leaks
  • Adjust timers length and frequency for water efficiency throughout the year

Automatic Watering to Save you Time & Energy

Natureworks can install your Irrigation system at the same time as your newly designed or renovated landscape. New plants have small root systems and need to adjust to growing in a larger landscape. When first planted, their water needs are high, so they require irrigation more frequently. As your plants mature, they need less water. Your use of water will naturally decrease. 

Even drought tolerant plants need an established root system for the first few years after planting. An automatic watering system can always be adjusted as plants mature so they are getting the right amount of irrigation at the right time of year.

An automatic irrigation system will make sure that your plants get the right amount of water they need. Some systems include rain sensors or soil moisture sensors that will adjust the irrigation output without the need for you to intervene or adjust the timer length. There are also irrigation timers available that can be controlled by your smartphone. Natureworks will present you with all the information you need to choose the right irrigation system for your landscape.

Having an automatic irrigation system will also give you peace of mind when you are away or too busy to manually water your landscape. It is also more efficient than watering with a hose, as the water is delivered directly to the root zone, avoiding overspray and water waste. Newly planted landscapes benefit from deep and consistent watering. Natureworks’ irrigation system installation service will ensure that your landscape grows and thrives.