Landscape Consultation

We Provide A Free Landscape Consultation for New Customers

A landscape consultation tailored to your needs

Natureworks provides a free landscape consultation for all new customers. We want you to know just how much we care about your landscape and how hard we will work to fulfil your vision. 

One of our professional team members will walk the site with you, answering your questions and using our expertise to pin-point any problems that need attention. For example, you might have poor drainage areas in your garden, or your irrigation might overspray onto a tree, patio, or wall causing problems. Maybe your neighbor’s house overlooks your garden, and you need a fast-growing screen to give you privacy and allow you to relax in your garden. We will address any issues that you are encountering.

We listen and address your concerns

During the consultation, we take the time to address any concerns you may have about your landscape and how it may be modified or changed to realize your goals. You may want to add a  water-conserving irrigation system, a french drain to alleviate muddy areas, or utilize more of your sloping yard by adding terracing and retaining walls. Our 40 years of experience enables us to offer up the best landscape solutions for you and your budget.

All landscapes are unique with regard to exposure, soil type, prevailing winds, topography, and surroundings. Natureworks will pay attention to these factors and consider them when planning your garden renovation or installation. We also recognize that you are unique, as are your plans for your yard. We will listen and interpret your vision.

We develop a plan to suit your tastes

At Natureworks, we are hardscaping experts. We carefully consider the material and style options for patios, retaining walls, and other hardscaping structures based on the architecture of your home and your tastes. We will offer options for adding new elements to seamlessly integrate them with existing structures.

We are also plant experts. We offer advice for the best plant palettes based on the important information you give us during the consultation. If you like tropical plants, we can suggest tropical-style plants that thrive in the Pacific Northwest climate. If you want a low water or low maintenance garden, a native plant garden, a Japanese-style garden, or a more formal yard, we can address your needs and develop a plant palette to suit your tastes.

Natureworks carefully collects all the information that you provide us, as well as our observations from the site visit, to generate a creative and meticulous landscape design suited to you and your family.

Elements we consider when assessing your landscape:

  • Evaluate existing landscape.
  • Assess your property for landscape drainage and elevation issues.
  • Compare community aesthetic.
  • Discuss watering and irrigation challenges and improvements.
  • Re-evaluate the function of your space and how to enhance your outdoor living space for maximum enjoyment.
  • Discuss your budget and project timeline.

Landscape consultation follow up includes:

  • An optional blueprint and complete rendering of property if required by city ordinance, local municipality, or homeowners association.
  • A renovation or maintenance quote that works for your budget and needs.

At Natureworks, we’ll make nature work for you. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of natural landscaping, technical craftsmanship, and customer service.