Water Features

Water features add tranquility and calm to your landscape

We design water features that mirror the natural designs you would see in nature. Each water feature we install will look like a feature that belongs in your environment. Natureworks Landscaping creates pieces that fit the scale of your landscape and creates the feeling of calm in your home and garden.

Water features make an excellent focal point in your landscape and bring to your home the same sense of peace you get when you escape to nature. They can increase your curb appeal, enhance your entertaining spaces, and encourage wildlife to visit your garden.

Which water feature is right for your landscape? Natureworks installs and maintains:

  • Ponds
  • Water Gardens
  • Pondless Water Features
  • Waterfalls
  • Creek Beds
  • Fountains and Bubblers

Our landscape maintenance services can troubleshoot, repair and maintain your existing water features. If existing features are repairable we will work to restore them to their former operational ability.

Water Feature Maintenance Services Include:

  • Replacing Pumps and Filters
  • Adding up lighting
  • Repairing electrical connections
  • Clearing of Leaves/Debris
  • Mosquito Prevention
  • Renovating the landscape surrounding your water feature to create a more consistent design