Motorized Pergola Installation

A Motorized Pergola to Provide Protection from the Elements

Natureworks will install a motorized pergola in your garden. We install high quality aluminum pergolas by Cardinal Architectural. These structures are USA made. They are constructed from high quality, aircraft grade aluminum, covered electrostatically with a powder coat for maximum durability. The metal is painted with a spray that uses electrically charged particles to ensure a complete and even coating.

The Perfect Shade for your Patio

If you’re planning on creating a backyard oasis, make sure that you include the shaded area you will need. There is nothing worse than an outdoor living area with no shade! The motorized pergola by Cardinal Architectural will provide you with dappled shade. If you need more shade in the afternoon, you can simply close the louvered roof with the push of a button. If your patio is western facing, the intruding afternoon and evening sun can easily be shaded by either manual or motorized sunscreens, so that you can continue to enjoy your garden in comfort. On average, the pergola can reduce the temperature of your patio by 15-20 degrees.

In addition to sheltering you from the sweltering hot sun in the summer, the louvered roof is also rain proof. Your outdoor dinner party needn’t be interrupted by rain. You can enjoy your outdoor living area year round, eating outside on mild fall or winter days.

To further your outdoor experience you can add a WeatherGuard Zip, which acts as an insect screen, and prevents light penetration. This guard can be activated quickly for your comfort.

A Motorized Pergola Customized to Suit You

Pergolas can be customized for your comfort. A ceiling fan, misters, or heaters can be added to create your own micro-climate within your cozy patio. Whether you’re looking for a sheltered place to relax and avoid the heat of the day, or to enjoy gatherings with friends and family late into the evening, you can ensure that everyone is comfortable.

Whether you’re installing shade as part of new landscaping, or adding to an existing patio, Cardinal Architectural Pergolas are the perfect choice. They can be custom made to fit your outdoor space. You can choose the color and dimensions to gain the exact shade and design you need.

Image of a white Cardinal Motorized Pergola shading a backyard patio with table and chairs.

The Benefits of adding a Cardinal Architectural Pergola:

  • Expand your living space to include more of the outdoors
  • Use your outdoor space year round
  • Spend more time outside relaxing and improving your health
  • Easy WeatherGuard shade control with the push of a button (remote or smartphone)
  • Maintenance free and UV resistant
  • Withstands snow load and high winds
  • Design flexibility allows you to install a shade covering according to your specific needs
  • Motorized control of a louvered roof allows desired protection from the sun, rain, wind or snow
  • Shade your home and reduce your indoor temperature
  • Protect your patio or deck from the sun, prolonging their life
  • Increase privacy for your patio, deck, pool or hot-tub with side shade protectors
  • Add value to your home
  • Create a customized micro-climate on your patio or deck

The Flexibility of Installing a Manual Or Motorized Pergola:

  • Cardinal Architectural shade structures are highly customizable
  • Classic or retractable designs are available to suit your needs
  • Pergolas can be attached to an existing structure or freestanding
  • Structures are available in 3 classic colors – white, taupe or dark bronze – or 80 custom colors
  • All dimensions can be customized: width, depth, double or single-beam construction,
  • WeatherGuard Shade protection can be adjusted according to the time of day
  • Designs meet building codes and ensure the safety of your family and friends
  • Shade lattice can be added for additional protection
  • Classic or retractable protective coverings are available
  • Add-ons are available: ceiling fan, motorized solar screens, lighting, misters, heaters, sliding side panels, motorized solar screens, operation by solar panels

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