Landscape Installation & Garden Design

Our design and installation philosophy

Natureworks provides expert landscape installation to give you the garden you’ve always dreamed of.  Your garden should be an extension of your home and look beautiful year round. We know which plants perform in multiple seasons and select the best ones to suit your preferences. We use a variety of Northwest native, drought tolerant, and low maintenance plants in combination to give you a landscape with vibrant colors, variety, and beauty.

Garden design with a sense of place

We have an extensive knowledge of plants that thrive in the Pacific Northwest. We look at the exposure of the site, the irrigation needs of plants, as well as the microclimate of your garden and match them with your preferences to develop the ideal layout for your property. Our landscapes give you interest year round, so that you can enjoy your yard and garden through all seasons.

Planting the right plant in the right place is a key component of a successful garden design. If a plant is installed with its ideal needs being met (the correct soil type, water provided, and sun exposure), then that plant will thrive. We carefully consider our plant palette to make sure the plants will not only perform well but blend together beautifully. We also take into account adding the right amount of open space into the garden design. It provides rest for the eye and mind. This can include lawns, wildflower meadows, patios, and other open spaces.

Our landscape designs include space for:

  • Entertaining – inviting spaces created to welcome family and friends
  • Gardening – a place to work amongst nature and rest your mind
  • Relaxing – a retreat where you can revitalize your body and mind after a long day
  • Privacy – screen out any encroaching buildings and increase enjoyment of your space
  • Play – room for kids to run, play games, and build forts
  • Pets – areas for the family dog and other pets to play


Natureworks’s design philosophy can help you craft a more sustainable garden by including:

  • Native plants
  • Groundcovers and lawn alternatives
  • A variety of edibles in your landscape
  • Terraced gardens to maximize your planting space
  • Water-saving irrigation

After installation, we’d love to work with you to develop a landscape maintenance plan. It’s important that irrigation is adjusted a few weeks after an installation and again after the plants are established, as well as taking into account seasonal adjustments. 

Trees, shrubs, and vines also need to be trained. Early attention to develop good plant structure can  save on expensive pruning costs down the road. Ongoing maintenance will help protect your investment in your new landscape. We can address any issues as they arise, before they become a problem.

Find out more about our expert landscape maintenance, to ensure your garden continues to thrive. Natureworks can provide the perfect garden design and installation to fit you and your family!