Landscape Renovation

If you’ve purchased a home to remodel you need to make sure the landscaping around your home not only improves your home’s beauty but its value as well. At Natureworks we’ll make sure that all the improvements you’ve made to your home are enhanced with organic, sustainable, and beautiful landscaping.

With a free onsite assessment and landscape consultation of your property, you’ll receive the following services:
An onsite meeting to assess your property, elevation, drainage, community aesthetic, and existing landscaping.
An assessment of your current and future watering needs to make your property more efficient and water-wise.
An in-depth discussion regarding your needs so outdoor living, pet accommodation, and the natural elements around your home can be optimized and improved.
A free thumbnail sketch that allows you to visualize the enhancements to your home and community.
An optional blueprint and complete rendering of property if required by city ordinance, local municipality, or other communities. Additional charges may apply.
A quote that works for your budget, with optional seasonal or yearly improvements to meet your budgetary needs.
Expert installation of all the elements and products you’ve chosen to enhance your property.
A landscape maintenance package so your property maintains its beauty for years to come.
Installation warranties that guarantee parts, plants, and labor for most products installed in your landscaping from 90 days to over a year, depending on your needs and the individual products we install.

At Natureworks, we’ll make nature work for you. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, natural landscaping, and customer service. Let Natureworks serve you now and for many years to come. Call or click for a free consultation today!